San Pedro
How Families Work Together
Poems and Ballads.
The Right-brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success
Glamour. Comic Opera in Three Acts. Written by H. B. Farnie and A. Murray. Composed by W. M. Hutchinson.
Neptune's Triumph for the Returne of Albion, Celebrated in a Masque at the Court on the Twelfth Night 1623. [by Ben Jonson.]
The Maid of Griban: A Fragment.
Open Letters and Letters Reprinted from Various Periodicals.
The Minstrel; Or the Progress of Genius. the Second Book.
Don Quixote; Or, the Knight of the Woeful Countenance. a Musical Drama, Etc.
Charter, Constitution and By-Laws of the Law Academy of Philadelphia
On the Present State of the Law as to Marriages Abroad Between English Subjects Within the Prohibited Degrees of Affinity
Journal of the State Convention: Held in Milledgeville, in December, 1850.
Observations on the Constitutional Right and Expediency of Extending the Peerage So as to Effect a Settlement of the Question of Reform
The Roman Catholic Clergy of London and Dublin and the Marriages Bill
A Spiritual Understanding of Life
The Questions at the Examinations of Articled Clerks: With Full Answers and References to Cases and Authorities. Volume 2 of 2
Poetic Miscellanies. Written Occasionally, and Addressed to the Author's Relatives, and Particular Friends. by the REV. J. C. [I.E. James Creighton.]
The Paston Letters, A.D. 1422-1509. Volume 3 of 7
The Journal of an Oriental Voyage, in His Majesty's Ship Africaine
The Woodbury Patent Planing Machine Company, Complainant, V. Allen W. Keith, Defendant Volume 2 of 2
Celebrated Speeches of Chatham, Burke, and Erskine: To Which Is Added the Argument of Mr. Mackintosh in the Case of Peltier / Selected by a Member of the Philadelphia Bar.
The Law Relating to Traffic on Railways and Canals. Volume 3 of 3
The Minor Works of George Grote. with Critical Remarks on His Intellectual Character, Writings and Speeches, by A. Bain.
Rules and Regulations for Metal Mines.
The Poetical Works of William Cowper. with Life, Critical Dissertation, and Explanatory Notes, by the REV. George Gilfillan.
An American Monte Cristo: A Romance. Vol.I
Queen Hynde. a Poem. (Notices Respecting Names, Places, Etc.).
The Grey Woman. and Other Tales, Etc.
The Dawning Grey ... with Illustrations by the Author. [Verses.]
The New-York Book of Poetry.
Applied Business Ethics: A Skills-Based Approach, International Edition
New Monkland Parish: Its History, Industries, and People ... with Numerous Portraits and Prints from Photographs.
Wreckage. Seven Studies.
Orlando. [A Novel.] Vol.III
Old Dorset. Chapters in the History of the County.
Rosamond's Story. a Novel. Vol. II
The Adriatic Pilot. from the Surveys of Campana, Visconti, and Smyth, and the Portolano of Marieni.
Elaine's Story: A Tale on the Afghan Frontier. Vol. II.
The Novelist. a Collection of Tales, Translations, Poems ... Particularly Adapted as an Aid to Persons Studying the English Language.
A Vision of Modern Science: John Tyndall and the Role of the Scientist in Victorian Culture
Relics of Melodino Translated [Into Verse, from the Spanish and Portuguese] by E. Lawson ... from an Unpublished Manuscript, Dated 1645. Second Edition.
Glasgow and Its Clubs ... Third Edition, Enlarged. with a Brief Memoir of the Author [Signed: T. D.].
Instructions to Juries by West Virginia Courts: As Approved by the Supreme Court of Appeals of the State.
The Prose Works of William Wordsworth. for the First Time Collected, with Additions from Unpublished Manuscripts. Edited, with Preface, Notes and Illustrations, by REV. Alexander B. Grosart.
The Australia Directory.] Vol. 3. North, North-West, and West Coasts.
Symposium on International Law: Its Origin, Obligation, and Future: (Read April 15, 1916).
The Federal Income Tax Law: With Summary and Explanatory Notes.
The Discussion of Mr. Clark Bell's Paper Entitled Madness and Crime: Before the Medico-Legal Society of New York at Meetings of September 24 and October 22, 1884.
Certificate of Incorporation of Consolidated Steel Company.
Proceedings of the Hillsborough County Bar in Memory of Bainbridge Wadleigh
Memoir of Joseph Willard
Preliminary Report of the Committee Appointed by the National Tax Association to Prepare a Plan of a Model System of State and Local Taxation.
Observations on the Practice of the Court of Chancery in Cases Relating to Libellous and Immoral Publications: With Remarks on an Article in the Edinburgh Review for May 1823.
Freedom from Pornography
The Book of Tephi. [In Verse.]
Consiliatio Cnuti: Eine Uebertragung Angelsaechsischer Gesetze, Aus Dem Zwoelften Jahrhundert / Zum Ersten Male Herausgegeben Von F. Liebermann.
Observations of an Idiosyncratic or the Molestation of the Little People
My Thoughts Keep Me Alive
The Magical Land of Kallamazoo
Voices in the Wind
Healing Pain
The Bellum Catilinarium of Sallust Travestied. Inscribed to the Right Hon. G. Canning.
Altenglische Spruchweisheit, Alt- Und Mittelenglischen Autoren Entnommen.
Stanzas, Inscribed to Walter Scott, Esq.
Catalogue of Books in the Library of the Free Grammar School, Leeds.
Helenore; Or the Fortunate Shepherdess, Etc.
Imperial India: Letters from the East
Conditions in the Healdton Oil Field: March 15, 1915.
The Poetical Works of Sir T. W. with Memoir and Critical Dissertation, by G. Gilfillan.
Cases on Public Corporations / Selected by Howard S. Abbott.
The Little French Lawyer. a Farce, in Two Acts. Taken from Beaumont and Fletcher. [By Mrs. Booth?]
Pilotage Law: Being the Pilotage ACT, 1913, with Introduction, Notes and Appendices.
Miscellaneous Pieces. (Review of Mr. H.'s Liberty of the Press: Extracted from the Christian Guardian. Mr. H.'s Reply.).
The History of Fettercairn. a Parish in the County of Kincardine. [With a Portrait.]
In Memoriam: Edgar S. Van Winkle
The Poets' Birds.
Sketches of the Deceased Chancellors of the State of Delaware
A Few State Criminals Brought to the Bar of Public Justice: With Observations on the Last, and Advice to the New Parliament, Calling Themselves Representatives of the People.
Atlas of Oceans: An Ecological Survey of Underwater Life
Pursuing Quality of Life: From the Affluent Society to the Consumer Society
Facts of the Louisville, Ky. Strike and Court Decision on the Union Label.
In Memory of John Lamson Flagg
Tributes to the Memory of Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar.
Pen and Ink Sketches in Chancery / By a Lounger in the Courts. Volume 3 of 3
Catalogue of the Litchfield Law School.
Opinions of the Several Justices of the S.J. Court: On the Constitutionality of the Personal Liberty Laws of the State of Maine.
William Minot
Report of Special Committee on Taxation
A Memoir of the Right Honourable Sir William Henry Maule
Proceedings of the Washington County Bar in Relation to the Death of Hon. Charles Bean Rounds: April Term, S.J. Court, Calais, Maine, A.D. 1904.
An Inquiry Into the Causes of the Delay Attending Proceedings in the Court of Chancery
Proceedings of the Bench and Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States in Memoriam Stanley Matthews
Message of the President of the United States: Communicated to the Two Houses of Congress at the Beginning of the First Session of the Fifty-First Congress.
Proceedings of the Bench and Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States in Memoriam Reverdy Johnson
A Summary of the Chief Arguments for and Against Marriage with a Deceased Wife's Sister: With Remarks Upon an Article in the Quarterly Review.
Coupons and the Income Tax Law: Internal Revenue Department Regulations for Collection of Tax on Coupons ... ..
The Thracian Wonder; A Comical History [In Five Acts and in Prose].
The Dunciad. (in Three Books.) with Notes Variorum, and the Prolegomena of Scriblerus. Second Edition, with Some Additional Notes [And an Appendix]. (Errata. M. Scriblerus Lectori.).
The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation, Volume 10
Loves Maistresse: Or, the Queens Masque. [A Tragic Comedy, in Five Acts and in Verse.]
Poems on Several Occasions ... Published [With a Dedication, in Verse] by Mr. Pope. (Visions [In Prose], Published in the Spectators, Etc..
Poems, Etc.
The Spanish Fryar, Or, the Double Discovery. Acted at the Duke's Theatre.
Marmion ... the Fourth Edition.
Understanding Tennessee Williams
The Lady of the Lake ... the Fifth Edition.
The Works of John Moore with Memoirs of His Life and Writings by R. Anderson.
The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke. with a Portrait, and Life of the Author.
Gleanings in the West of Ireland.
Sagas from the Far East or Kalmouk and Mongolian Traditionary Tales
Self-Organizing Systems: 5th International Workshop, IWSOS 2011, Karlsruhe, Germany, February 23-24, 2011, Proceedings
Philosophy and Organization Theory
Healthcare Relationship Marketing: Strategy, Design and Measurement
Wit and Wisdom of the REV. Sydney Smith, Being Selections from His Writings ... with a Biographical Memoir and Notes. by E. A. Duyckinck.
Mary Anne Carew: Wife, Mother, Spirit, Angel. a Spiritualistic Romance.
Burma Under British Rule
Poetical Works. ... Edited by W. Minto.
Bottlenecks in Freight Forwarding in West Coast Africa
Inference for Normal Mean with Known Coefficient of Variation
Decomposable Semi-Regenerative Processes
The Return of the O'Mahony. a Romantic Fantasy ... with Illustrations.
Cases on the Law of Corporations
The Federalist: A Commentary on the Constitution of the United States, Being a Collection of Essays. Volume 2 of 2
The South American Pilot ... Part I. the East Coast ... from Cape St. Roque to Cape San Antonio ... and the North Coast from Cape St. Roque to Rio Maroni ... Compiled by J. Penn.
Three Years in Persia; With Travelling Adventures in Koordistan.
The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. a New Edition. with an Essay on His Life and Genius, by Arthur Murphy, Esq. Vol. IX. New Edition
The Works of the Late Right Honourable Joseph Addison, Esq. the Third Edition, Etc. Edited by Thomas Tickell.
Christianity Unmasqued; Or, Unavoidable Ignorance Preferable to Corrupt Christianity. a Poem, Etc.
Biographical Sketches of Bath Celebrities, Ancient and Modern, with Some Fragments of Local History.
Modern Street Ballads. with ... Illustrations.
Special Report on Taxation: Supplementing Previous Reports on the Taxation of Corporations and Covering the Tax Movement Throughout the United States During 1912.
Too Strange Not to Be True. a Tale.
Generation Friend Me
Evaluation of New Bicyclic Lactone 'Michelianone'
Transformation Parameters Between Local Levelling Datum and Geoid
Restoring Service Failures
Sugar Beet Cultivation in Kenya
Scale Construction and Psychometrics for Social and Personality Psychology
Multilevel Modeling for Social and Personality Psychology
Social Psychophysiology for Social and Personality Psychology
Structural Equation Modeling for Social and Personality Psychology
Global Urbanization
The Oxford Handbook of Translation Studies
Dragons and Tigers: A Geography of South, East, and Southeast Asia
The Gorey Cup of Condor's Well: A Tale of Mystery: By an Old Seaman. [signed, W. G.]
Lyme: A Poem.
Ode on an Evening View of the Crescent at Bath.
Catalogue of Additions to the Leeds Library. May 1878 to May 1879.
Airs, Choruses, Etc. Etc. in the New Dramatick Legend Call'd the G. K., Or, the Giant-Mountains, Etc.
Family Business Compensation
Working for a Family Business: A Non-Family Employee's Guide to Success
The Rollright Ritual
Backyard Harvest: A Year-Round Guide to Growing Fruits and Vegetables
Family Business Values: How to Assure a Legacy of Continuity and Success
Letting Go: Preparing Yourself to Relinquish Control of the Family Business
Metal Forming: Mechanics and Metallurgy
Memoir of the Life and Brief Ministry of the REV. David Sandeman, Missionary to China
Hyde Park from Domesday-Book to Date, Etc.
A Treatise on Marine Surveying: Prepared for the Use of Younger Naval Officers.
The Principles of the Common Law / By the Editors of the Law Chronicle.
Parochial and Family History of the Deanery of Trigg Minor, in the County of Cornwall. [With Illustrations.]
The Christian Conquest of Asia
Russia, Her Strength and Her Weakness: A Study of the Present Conditions of the Russian Empire
Beatrice Melton's Discipline.
Refreshment in Refuge
Global Church Planting: Biblical Principles and Best Practices for Multiplication
Preparing Successors for Leadership: Another Kind of Hero
The Compatibility Between the Superplasticizers and Portland Cements
Nursing Process and Critical Thinking
Lightin' Up: A Rousing Collection of Flame-boyant Cartoons
Justices and Journalists: The U.S. Supreme Court and the Media
The Works of Hannah More, Including Several Pieces Never Before Published.
South-East Asia Regional Conference on Epidemiology: The Proceedings
No Longer A Victim: Poems From A Survivor
Report of the Commissioner of Corporations on Cotton Exchanges. Volume 1 of 5
Report of the Federal Trade Commission on the Meat-Packing Industry. Volume 3 of 6
Bygone Northamptonshire. Edited by W. Andrews.
John Keble's Parishes: A History of Hursley and Otterbourne.
Report of the Commissioner of Corporations on the Beef Industry: March 3, 1905.
Women and Mass Consumer Society in Postwar France
J., the Giant Queller: Or, Prince Juan. [a Satire on George IV. in Verse.]
Public Papers and Addresses of Benjamin Harrison, Twenty-Third President of the United States, March 4, 1889, to March 4, 1893
Sailing Directions for the West Coast of England ... Including the Isle of Man. Compiled by ... E. J. Bedford.
Original Poems and Imitations.
The Paston Letters, A.D. 1422-1509. Volume 1 of 7
A Selection of Cases and Other Authorities on the Law of Admiralty. Volume 2 of 3
Harvard Memorial Biographies Volume 1 of 2
Poems, Containing Sketches of Northern Mythology. Third Edition.
Selected Poems.
A Little Tour in Ireland. by an Oxonian, S. R. Hole. with Illustrations by J. Leech. New Edition.
Waynflete. Vol. II
Lays of Leisure; A Collection of Original and Translated Poems.
The Sacred Books of China the Texts of Confucianism
Breaking the Ties That Bound: The Politics of Marital Strife in Late Imperial Russia
Wages of Candy Makers in Philadelphia in 1919.
Decisions of the Board of Arbitration in the Cloak, Suit and Skirt Industry, January 21st, 1915 and February 5th and 6th, 1915.
The Karakorams and Kashmir. an Account of a Journey.
Hon. Stanley E. Bowdle: Born September 4, 1868, Died April 6, 1919: Memorial.
The Minimum Wage by Law: A Survey of Its Status in Countries Where Such Legislation Has Been Enacted.
Trade Marks, Trade Names: For the Businessman.
Handbook to IEEE Standard 45: A Guide to Electrical Installations on Shipboard
Monody on His Late Royal Highness the Duke of Kent.
A Layman's Epistle to a Certain Nobleman. [by Charles Bowker Ash. with Special Reference to Lord Byron's Cain. in Verse.]
Jealousy; Or, Tuppins and Co., Etc. a Libretto.
Songs, Duets, Chorusses ... in the New Opera in Three Acts Called the Unknown Guest, Etc.
Florimel: A Tale [in Verse] of the Thirteenth Century.
Proceedings of the Bench and Bar of New Jersey on the Death of the Hon. Garret D. Wall
Sketches of the Acts and Joint Resolutions Passed by the General Assembly of Virginia: At Its Session in 1855-56.
Law of Homicide, as Defined in the Code of Georgia: And as Applied by the Supreme Court / Compiled by Wm. M. Reese.
Observations on the Prohibition of Marriage in Certain Cases of Relationship by Affinity
War-Time Prosecutions and Mob Violence: Involving the Rights of Free Speech, Free Press, and Peaceful Assemblage: (From April 1, 1917, to March 1, 1919).
Advances in Global Leadership
One Nigeria: The Birth and Evolution of an Idea
New Testament Writers and the Old Testament
Let Me Eat Cake: A Celebration of Flour, Sugar, Butter, Eggs, Vanilla, Baking Powder, and a Pinch of Salt
Egyptian Mummies
Vagabond Songs and Ballads of Scotland. with Many Old and Familiar Melodies. Edited, with Notes, by R. Ford.
An Account of the Gold Coast of Africa: With a Brief History of the African Company.
The Nursery Rhymes of England, Obtained Principally from Oral Tradition. Second Edition. with Additions.
The Female Prose Writers of America. with Portraits, Biographical Notices, and Specimens of Their Writings, Etc.
Breezie Langton; A Story of Fifty-Two to Fifty-Five.
Report of the Federal Trade Commission on Methods and Operations of Grain Exporters
Songs of Solitude.
Records of Travels Is Turkey, Greece, &C.
Notes Explanatory of a Chart of the North Atlantic Ocean.
War of Words, War of Stones: Racial Thought and Violence in Colonial Zanzibar
A Pair of Lyric Epistles to Lord Macartney and His Ship. by Peter Pindar Esq.
A Model City Charter: With Home Rule Provisions Recommended for the State Constitutions.
Memorials of Rochester.
Rest Periods for Industrial Workers.
Addresses at the Inauguration of the Hon. Edward Everett, LL.D., as President of the University at Cambridge, Thursday, April 30, 1846
Law Reform Tracts / Published Under the Superintendence of a Law Reform Association. Volume 2 of 4
In Memoriam, James T. Brady: Report of Proceedings at a Meeting of the New York Bar, Held in the Supreme Court Room, Saturday, February 13, 1869.
Fourth Annual Report of the Controller of the Clearing Office (Germany), the Administrator of Austrian, Hungarian and Bulgarian Property and the Director of the Russian Claims Department.
Proceedings of the Bench and Bar of the Circuit Court of the United States, District of Massachusetts, Upon the Decease of Hon. John Lowell
Natural Element Method for the Simulation of Structures and Processes
Modernist Humanism and the Men of 1914: Joyce, Lewis, Pound and Eliot
Managing Library Volunteers
The Court of Appeals and Its Relation to the Methods by Which Public Peculators Have Evaded Justice
The Bench and Bar of the United States Court of Claims to Judge Charles B. Howry on His Retirement, March 15, 1915.
The Pilotage Question: As Presented.
Rules and Orders of the Common Law Judges, and Reserved Cases, 1860-64
The Poetry of William Carlos Williams of Rutherford
Power Up Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Enlightenment
Pistolas al amanecer
Inside the Audition Room: The Essential Actor's Handbook for Los Angeles
David - Bible Study Book (Updated Edition): Seeking a Heart Like His
The Government of India, Being a Digest of the Statute Law Relating Thereto, with Historical Introdu
Textile Design - Portfolio
Recommended to Mercy. [A Tale, by M. Houstoun.]
Prisoners of Russia; A Personal Study of Convict Life in Sakhalin and Siberia
Mauryeen, the Outcast: A Tale of Unrequited Love. by Insco Novo.
Letters from Spain ... Second Edition. Revised and Corrected by the Author.
Papers Literary, Scientific, Andc. ... Edited by Sidney Colvin ... and J. A. Ewing ... with a Memoir by R. L. Stevenson.
Library of American Law and Practice. Volume 8 of 12
Bessy Rane. a Novel.
Christmas Carol Leaflets from Raphael's Pictures. with Borders and Words by F. H. Wood.
When George the Third Was King. an Historical Drama in III. Acts.
The Graphomania: An Epistle to John Harden, of Brathay-Hall, Esq. [In Verse.] by the Author of Varnishando [I.E. Francis Dukinfield Astley].
Poems, by T. B-G-D, Esq. of the Inner Temple [I.E. Thomas Bedingfeld].
The Chinese: A General Description of the Empire of China and Its Inhabitants Vol. II
Leading Cases on American Constitutional Law.
Poems. [Edited by Charles Symmons.].
Descriptive Catalogue of the Spiders of Burma,
The Life and Letters of William Cowper, Esq. with Remarks on Epistolary Writers ... a New Edition.
The Far East Revisited Essays on Political Commercial Social and General Conditions in Malaya
Ballads of the Brave. Poems of Chivalry ... Courage and Constancy ... Selected and Arranged by F. L. ... with Notes.
Testimony as to the Origin of the Riots in the City of Louisville, KY., the 6th of August, 1855
The Eight-Hour Day: Various Articles, Arguments, and Bills Relating to the Eight-Hour Law.
Evaluation: Seeking Truth or Power?
Year Books of Edward II. Volume 1 of 18
Memorializing the Past: Everyday Life in South Africa After the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
The Origins of American Criminology: Advances in Criminological Theory
Islamic Culture in Crisis: A Reflection on Civilizations in History
Hymns for the Household of Faith, and Lays of the Better Land. [By Mrs. J. Williamson.]
The Day of Pentecost, or Man Restored. a Poem, Etc.
Narrative of the Expedition to China, Volume II
The Seaman's Guide Round Java, by Baron Melvill, ... and Round the Islands East of Java, by H. D. A. Smits.
The Works of Christopher Marlowe, with Notes and Some Account of His Life and Writings by ... A. Dyce.
The Harp of Stirlingshire. [Compiled] by W. Harvey.
Heather and Snow. a Novel. Vol. II.
Poems; Chiefly Tales.
Abdallah; Or, the Arabian Martyr: A Christian Drama, in Three Acts. [in Verse.] by Thomas Foster Barham, the Elder.
Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. [With a Portrait.] Vol. I. New Edition, Considerably Enlarged
The Royal Progress in Germany. a Poem.
Minnows from Brenchley Brook. [verses, Etc., by Francis Storr the Elder, Francis Storr the Younger and Others. Edited by Bernard Bigsby.] Ms. Notes.
Perthshire in October, 1863: The Eight Days' Tour of a Cosey Couple ... by One of Them, F. Mewburn, Jun.
Leaves of Laurel; Or, New Probationary Odes, for the Vacant Laureatship. [a Series of Parodies.] Collected and Edited by Q. Q. and W. W.
A History of the City of Dublin. Vol 1
An Ode [we Do Not Curse Thee, Waterloo!]. on the Star of the Legion of Honour. Napoleon's Farewell. Fare Thee Well. and a Sketch, Andc.
Embedded Systems for Renewable Energy
Body Mind Dilemmas in Acting
Suicidal Erythrocytes Death Induced by Gold and by Cadmium Ions
Out of Albania: From Crisis Migration to Social Inclusion in Italy
Introducci n a la Unidad Cristiana Aeth: Introduction to Christian Unity Spanish
The Transfer Tax Law: Article 10, Chapter 62, Laws of New York, 1909 ... ..
Proceedings at the Dartmouth Webster Centennial Dinner: At the Revere House, Boston, January 25, 1882.
Fifth Annual Report of the Controller of the Clearing Office, the Administrator of German, Austrian, Hungarian and Bulgarian Property and the Director of the Russian Claims Department.
Proceedings at Bar Meeting Held at Boston, April 4, 1896 Upon the Death of William Goodwin Russell
In Memory of John James Bell, Exeter, N.H.
Compilation of Laws of the Various States Relating to the Appointment and Duties of Commissioners and the Appropriation of Monies for the Expenses Thereof.
Biographical Album of Tennessee Governors.
Prisoner Reform
Pragmatism and Democracy: Studies in History, Social Theory, and Progressive Politics
On First Anniversary of Death of Judge Williams Marmaduke Kavanaugh Friends Unite in Paying Tribute to His Memory.
A Genealogy of Marion's Philosophy of Religion: Apparent Darkness
Interim Report of the Maritime Liens, Mortgages and Arrest Committee.
The Humanities and the Dream of America
The Lost Boyz: A Dark Side of Graffiti
Windsor Forest. to the Right Honourable George Lord Lansdown.
Luminous Life: A New Model of Humanistic Psychotherapy
Australian Cartel Regulation: Law, Policy and Practice in an International Context
To the Lions! Christians in the Colosseum. a Recitation Poem, Etc.
An Ode to a Boy at Eton, with Three Sonnets, and One Epigram.
Suffolk. a Rambling Rhyme.
The Tower of London. an Address Delivered Before the Young Men's Association, in the City of Albany.
Lines Addressed to a Noble Lord [lord Byron] ... by One of the Small Fry of the Lakes [miss Barker].
Marriage. a Didactic Poem (by a Society of Gentlemen) as It Appeared First in a Monthly Periodical Work, for June, July, and August, 1815. with Two Engravings in the Style of Hogarth.
Japan. Being a Sketch of the History, Government and Officers of the Empire.
The Royal Voyage, or the Irish Expedition: A Tragicomedy [In Five Acts and in Verse], Acted in ... 1689 and 90.
Pacific Islands. Vol. II. Central and Eastern Groups ... Sailing Directions ... Second Edition (by W. H. Petley), Etc.
The Murderer's Daughters
Soho and Its Associations, Historical, Literary and Artistic. Edited from the Mss. of ... E. F. Rimbault by G. Clinch.
150 Blocks to Knit and Crochet
The Walking Dead Omnibus Volume 3
The Exercise Professional's Guide to Optimizing Health: Strategies for Preventing and Reducing Chronic Disease
Descriptive Catalogue of the Spiders of Burma, Based Upon the Collection Made by Eugene W. Oates
East Coast Etchings.
The Miscellaneous Writings of Lord Macaulay. [Edited by T. F. E., i.e. Thomas Flower Ellis.]
The English Text Prescribed for the Matriculation Examination of 1875, with Notes ... Poetry Edited by ... J. MacMillan ... Prose Edited by D. Sinclair.
The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D
Courts and Lawyers of Indiana. Volume 2 of 3
Anne Judge, Spinster ... a New Edition.
Diogenes' Sandals. [A Novel.] Second Edition.
A Biblical Zoo. by E. L. S. a Companion to Homely Things in Holy Writ. [in Verse.]
An Old Shropshire Oak ... Edited by R. Garnett.
Selected Works, Prose and Poetic, by J. S. ... with an Autobiographical Introduction.
Systems of Land Tenure in Various Countries: A Series of Essays Published Under the Sanction of the Cobden Club / Edited by J.W. Probyn.
The Russians of the South
The Poetical Recreations of the Champion and His Literary Correspondents; With a Selection of Essays, Literary and Critical, Which Have Appeared in the Champion Newspaper.
The English Helicon; A Selection of Modern Poetry, Etc.
A Digest of the Private Corporation, Negotiable Paper and Labor Laws of Louisiana Through the Session of 1914.
Child Out-Migration
The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme
Eddy Currents in Magnetic Nano-Structures
On Variance-Sum Second and Third Order Slope Rotatable Designs
Sociological Appraisal of Poverty Alleviation Programmes
Sign Language Interpreting - Deconstructing the Myth of Neutrality
Issues in Cloud Computing
Double Dealings. Operetta, Etc.
Lost, Stolen, or Strayed. a New Musical Farce in Three Acts, Etc.
The Tears of Hibernia! Dispelled by the Union. a Poem.
Fact and Fancy. an Ode for the Jubilee of the Queen's Reign. Also the University Boat Race, a Song.
The Little Bugler, and Other War Lyrics.
The Feast of Galilee, in Humble Imitation of Elijah's Mantle. with Additions and Notes. [a Political Satire, in Verse.]
A Sketch from Public Life: A Poem, Founded Upon Recent Domestic Circumstances. [a Satire Upon Lord Byron.] with Weep Not for Me! and Other Poems.
An Elegiac Ballad on the Funeral of the Princess Charlotte, Etc.
Catalogue of the Armenian Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library
The Chinese, Their Present and Future: Medical, Political, and Social
Prescription Painkillers
A Ramble Round the World, 1871 ... Translated by Lady Herbert.
The Forc'd Marriage; Or, the Jealous Bridegroom; A Tragi-Comedy. [In Verse.]
Robust Statistics Over Riemannian Manifolds
Crises in European Integration: Challenges and Responses, 1945-2005
Rex Christus: An Outline Study of China
Courtnay Earl of Devonshire; Or, the Troubles of the Princess Elizabeth. a Tragedy. Comprehending a Great Part of the Reign of Queen Mary, with the Death of Jane Gray.
Dark Moon: A Wereling Novel
Parliamentary Reform. Two Letters Addressed to W. Fawkes, Esq., Respecting His Late Meeting, on the Above Subject.
The Creation of Eve
300 Fuss-free 20-minute Recipes
Illumination: Or, the Glazier's Conspiracy. a Prelude (in One Act and in Prose.).
Sophia, Princess of Zell, to George the First, on His Accession to the Throne of England. a Poetical Epistle. a Satire.
Religio Clerici, a Churchman's Epistle. [by Edward Smedley. in Verse.]
Poems on His Domestic Circumstances ... by Lord Byron ... Twenty-Third Edition. Containing Nine Poems, Etc. Ms. Notes.
The Seventh of September; Or, the Sandwich Volunteers. a Poem.
What Is Genius? a Poem.
The Wandering Melodist: Or, the Rose, the Thistle, and the Shamrock: Consisting of Fifteen Songs, Sung by Mr. I., Etc.
A Poetical and Congratulatory Epistle to J. Boswell on His Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides; With the Celebrated Dr. Johnson.
Stock Brokers and the Wagering Contracts ACT in Massachusetts.
Fourth Annual Address of the New York State Society for the Abolition of Capital Punishment
Pricing China's Crude Oil Futures
Development of Iron-Phosphorus Alloys Through Hot Powder Forging
Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications: Series Number 22: Field Extensions and Galois Theory
The Ecology and Population Parameters of Asian Elephants in NW India
Alias. a Farce, in One Act, .
A New Song, Called the Angler's Progress, Etc.
Ancient and Modern Rome; A Poem. Written at Rome in the Year 1755. [by G. Keate.]
Sailing Directions for the English Channel ... Second Edition (Revised).
Stories of Yorkshire, Edited by the Son of Ebor. No. 1.
A Budget of Letters from Japan: Reminiscences of Work and Travel in Japan
The Germ Growers. the Strange Adventures of Robert Easterley and John Wilbraham [I.E. Robert Potter.].
A Diplomatist's Wife in Japan; Letters from Home to Home
The Scots Style Book. Volume 4 of 7
Middle Temple Records. Volume 1 of 4
Buddhism in Christendom or Jesus, the Essene
Western Himalaya and Tibet
Out of the Abyss: Can the Number of the Beast be Solved? 666
Damage Detection of Bridge Decks Using Artificial Neural Networks
The Dutch Disease Phenomenon in Zambia
The Miscellaneous Works of Oliver Goldsmith, with an Account of His Life and Writings ... a New Edition ... Edited by Washington Irving.
Timing Verification in Transaction Modeling
The Heroes of Waterloo. an Ode.
Farewell Sermon [on Acts XX. 32] Preached in Brighouse Church, Etc.
Timotheus, the Violin Player, (an Irregular Poem) ... Second Edition.
The Senate; Or Social Villagers of Kentish Town. a Canto. by Selim.
The Hundred Fathom Curve
A Lecture on the Origin and Development of the First Constituents of Civilization.
Illustrative Cases on Constitutional Law.
Handbook of Drayton Manor. with Short Descriptions of Tamworth Church, Castle and Town ... Eighteen Illustrations. [The Preface Signed: W. M.]
The Fall of the Earl of Essex ... Alter'd [By James Ralph] from the Unhappy Favourite of Mr. Banks. [In Verse.]
A Guide to the Laws of New Jersey Relating to Children.
Castle Line. Views of the Fleet.
The Legend of Saint Mungo [otherwise, St. Kentigern]. Done Into Metre by the Poet Keelivine.
The Crisis: A Satire of the Day. [in Verse. by Lord Lytton.]
The Wary Widow; Or, Sir Noisy Parrat; A Comedy [In Five Acts, in Prose and Verse].
Spring (Summer-Autumn-Winter) Songs and Sketches
Observations Upon a Tract Entitled a Serious Address to Christians on the Consecration of an Edifice Called a Church; To Which Is Annexed the First Part of the Homily on Repentance. by a Layman.
The Unjust Judge: A Memorial of Roger Brooke Taney, Late Chief Justice of the United States.
Cases of Circumstantial Evidence.
The Eighth Report of the Criminal Law Commissioners: Codification.
Level 2: The Last Juror Book and Multi-ROM with MP3 Pack
Questioning Assumptions: Rethinking the Philosophy of Religion
Soccer Training
The Anarchist Bastard: Growing Up Italian in America
Bieber Fever
Fundamentals of Sharpening (Back to Basics)
Bygone Nottinghamshire.
Making Waves: Essays
The Cruise of the Cachalot Round the World After Sperm-Whales, Etc.
The Christian Graces in Olden Times: A Series of Female Portraits, with Poetical Illustrations by H. Stebbing.
Travels in New England, and New York, Etc.
The English Princess, Or, the Death of Richard the III. a Tragedy in Five Acts and in Verse. by J. Caryl.
John G. Johnson.
Civil Church Law: New York / Edited by George James Bayles.
Wills: Valuable Information for Everyone Who Has Property to Leave.
Ro. Vrbis Excidium. [in Verse.]
Avant-garde to New Wave: Czechoslovak Cinema, Surrealism and the Sixties
Windsor in the Last Century. Six Views of the Town. [with Descriptions.
Edinburgh: A Poem in the Scottish Dialect. by a Native.
The Constitution of Liberty: The Definitive Edition
A Bunch of Primroses. [a Poem.] ... Illustrated, Etc.
Politics; Or the History of Will and Jane: A Tale for the Times.
Rural Teachers in China
Impact of Micro-Finance Institutions on Poverty Alleviation
Treatments for Skin of Color: Expert Consult - Online and Print
The Mother Who Stayed: Stories
New Natural Home
The Scribleriad: An Heroic Poem. in Six Books.
Campfires and Loon Calls: Travels in the Boundary Waters
Miscellaneous Poems, Translations, and Imitations.
The Glen of Silver Birches. a Novel.
Lord Byron Vindicated; Or, Rome and Her Pilgrim. [In Verse.] by Manfred..
The Original History of the Abbey, Palace and Chapel-Royal of Holyroodhouse. ... with ... Engravings. New Edition.
The Moslem Noble; His Land and People. with Some Notices of the Parsees or Ancient Persians. ... with Illustrations from Original Drawings by the Author.
Legal and Other Lyrics ... a New Edition, with ... Notes and a Glossary. Edited by J. H. Stoddard ... and Illustrated by W. Ralston and A. S. Boyd.
Charles Austin Mackintosh: A Memorial.
Message of the President of the United States Communicated to the Two Houses of Congress at the Beginning of the Second Session of the Fifty-Second Congress
A Collection of Acts for Encouraging the Planting of Timber Trees
Several Pieces in Prose and Verse.
Sunny Dover, Then and Now ... Edited by F. G. Aflalo. with ... Illustrations, Etc.
Bygone Kent. [Contributions by Various Authors.] Edited by R. Stead.
The Poetical Works of Samuel T. Coleridge.
The Counterfeits, a Comedy. as It Is Acted at the Duke's Theatre. [By John Leanerd.]
That Hated Saxon. [A Novel.] with Illustrations, Etc.
Report of the Judge Advocate General on the Order of American Knights, or Sons of Liberty: A Western Conspiracy in Aid of the Southern Rebellion.
Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border ... Third Edition.
Rambles in the Isle of Wight, in 1841 and 1842, with Miscellaneous Additions.
The Lord of the Isles, a Poem.
Rokeby; A Poem.
History of the War in Afghanistan Vol. I
The Story of Charlie Mullins: The Man in the Middle
Sagas from the Far East or Kalmouk and Mongolian Traditionary Tales with Historical Pref
Memorials of Angus and the Mearns. (Second Edition.) Re-Written ... by ... J. Gammack. [Illustrated with Etchings.] L.P.
The Golden Treasury, Etc.
Historic Notices and Domestic History of the Parish of Shotts.
The Complete Works in Verse and Prose of Edmund Spencer: Vol. IX
Principles of Law. (Appendix) Volume 2 of 6
Norwegian-English / English-Norwegian Practical Dictionary
Untimely Matter in the Time of Shakespeare
Gleanings from Paul
Gods of Riverworld
Briefs: A Jocular Jurisdictionary.
Family History for Beginners
Address Delivered at the Hull Meeting ... by W. Hopkins ... President.
The Law of the Roadside: How to Protect Our Landscape: Electric Lines in Public Ways, Shade Trees in Public Ways, Insect Pests, Trespass to Real Estate.
Paetus and Arria; A Tragedy in Five Acts [and in Verse]. to Which Is Prefixed a Letter, Addressed to T. Sheridan Esqre., on the Present State of the English Stage. [by John Nicholson.]
Japanese Life in Town and Country
The Public Trustee ACT, 1906: With Notes and Observations Thereon.
Notes on the North-Western Provinces of India.
Impressions of India
Who's Who? Or, the Double Imposture. a Farce in Two Acts.
The Fairy Changeling, and Other Poems.
Round the World Rambles, Etc.
The Knout and the Russians; Or, the Muscovite Empire, the Czar, and His People
Love...Sewing: 25 Simple Step-by-Step Projects to Sew
An Epistle to Junius. [a Satire, in Verse. by Benjamin Hughes.]
Knowledge Management and Information Systems: Strategies for Growing Organizations
A Description of the County of Angus in the Year 1678, Etc.
A Tribute to Learning, Fame, Science, and Genius. Ms. Addition.
Edwin and Emma: A Pastoral Tale, Etc. [by David Black, in Verse].
Nero: Or, the Trials, Battles and Adventures of the Sixth Emperor of Rome ... in Darkest Hades. a Poem, Etc.
Strato of Lampsacus: Text, Translation and Discussion
Governing Disorder: UN Peace Operations, International Security, and Democratization in the Post-Cold War Era
Oxford Town and Gown
Amaranth: The Preterhumans Book 1
Explaining Foreign Policy: U.S. Decision-Making in the Gulf Wars
Eugen Schonebeck: 1957-1967
Cases on the Law of Bills, Notes, and Cheques.
Evaluation of Quality of Learning Software
American Furniture 2010
Extended Finite Element Method for Crack Propagation
Bellfield Hall: Or, the Deductions of Miss Dido Kent
Use What You Have to Get What You Want: 100 Basic Ideas That Mean Business
Macaire: A Melodramatic Farce in Three Acts.
The Bills of Sale Acts: With an Epitome of the Law as Affected by the Acts.
The Paston Letters, A.D. 1422-1509. Volume 6 of 7
A Selection of Cases and Other Authorities on the Law of Admiralty. Volume 1 of 3
The Whole Town and Country Practice of the Court for Relief of Insolvent Debtors: With Full Instructions to Creditors and All Forms, Rules, and Orders of the Court ... / [Edited] by Robert Allen.
Driftwood from Scandinavia.
Illustrative Cases on the Law of Sales.
Summary of State Laws Relating to the Dependent Classes: 1913.
The Constitution and Government of the State of New York: An Appraisal: Transmitted to the New York State Constitutional Convention.
Sir Joseph Banks and the Emperor of Morocco ... Second Edition.
Specimens of English Dramatic Poets, Who Lived about the Time of Shakspeare: With Notes. by Charles Lamb.
Philosophia, a Lyrical Sequence. by the Author of Union Unto Perfection..
More Kings! a Poem. Second Edition. Copious Ms. Notes.
Told Near Windsor. [a Poem.] Gipsy and Eng.
Thought and Reverie. [in Verse.]
Verses on the Death of ... Princess Charlotte Augusta ... Collected by W. G., Etc.
The German Bridegroom [i.E. Prince Albert, Consort of Queen Victoria]. a Satire [in Verse] ... by the Honble. ***, Author of the Palace Martyr, Etc.
An Epistle from Pindar to His Pretended Cousin Peter [i.E. J. Wolcot]. with an Appendix, Containing Peter's Celebrated Song O the Roast Pork of Old Truro, Etc.
AAA Identity Management Security
Congratulatory Verses to Edward Biddle, Gent., Occasioned by His Poem on the Birth of the Young Prince. with Some Remarks Critical, Hypercritical, Satyrical and Panegyrical ... by the Old Three.
Visit to the Falls of Niagara in 1800.
Measuring Hidden Dimensions: The Art and Science of Fully Engaging Adults
The Freedom Guide for Music Creators
Biomolecular Archaeology: An Introduction
The Sacred Gift. a Series of Meditations Upon Scripture Subjects. Secondseries.
Rushton and Its Owners. the Hall ... the Churches ... the Tresham, Cullen, Cokayne, Hope, and Thornhill Families ... Illustrations, Etc.
The Twelfth Sleeper
Harlequin-Horace or the Art of Modern Poetry. [Written in Imitation of Horace's Ars Poetica, and Signed Harlequin-Horace, Pseud., i.e. James Miller.]
Women Artists at the Millennium
Henry S. Manley (1892-1967): His Life and Writings
Angela's Ransom
The Poetical Works of I. W.
Selerene: A Poem.
The Social Media Guide for Ancestral Research/Applying Web 2.0 Strategies
Year Books of Edward II. Volume 7 of 18
Elegy on the Death of Percy Bysshe Shelley.
The Argument of the Pastorall of Florimene: With the Description of the Scenes and Intermedij.
The Tribe of Issachar; Or, the Ass Couchant. a Poem. [a Satire on the Jacobites.]
The Songs Introduced in Howard Paul's ... Entertainment Patch Work. Fifth Edition.
The Queen's Choir; A Revery in Roslin Woods. [by D. W., i.e. Daniel Wilson.]
A Letter to D. Sykes Respecting the Proceedings at the Meeting of the Subscribers to the Hull Subscription Library, Etc.
Tonbridgialia: Or, the Pleasures of Tunbridge. a Poem. in Latin and English Heroic Verse.
The Traveller, or a Prospect of Society. a Poem. Inscribed to the Rev. Mr. Henry Goldsmith.
Original Poems. the Fatal Seduction, ... the Mendicant, ... with Other Pieces.
Five Per Cent. an Original Comedietta in One Act.
Something for Everybody: Or, the Last Will and Testament of a Welch Man, Lately Deceased.
Dynamics of Nitrogen Responses to Wheat Under Moisture Stress
Ode on the Victory of Waterloo.
Hampshire Mudlands and Other Alluviums Reprinted from the Papers and Proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club.
Water Relations and Nutrient Uptake as Affected by Drought in Wheat
Cases on the Law of Husband and Wife.
Julian Cloughton, Or, Lad-Life in Norfolk.
Proceedings and Ordinances of the Privy Council of England / Edited by Sir Harris Nicolas. Volume 7 of 7
Diogenes of London and Other Fantasies and Sketches.
Miscellanies: Chiefly Addresses, Academical and Historical (Moral and Religious, Political and Social).
Childhood Valley. the Favourite Songs of Childhood, with New Pictures in Color by John Lawson, Etc.
The Happy Life: Lays of Love and Brotherhood. Selected from Various Authors.
Testimonial of Respect of the Bar of New-York, to the Memory of Hon. Daniel S. Dickinson: Biography, Proceedings in the Courts, Meetings of the Bar, Addresses, Resolutions, and Funeral Ceremonies.
Report of Special Committee on Federal Procedure to the Patent Section of the American Bar Association.
Report of the Committee of the Massachusetts Reform Club Appointed to Collect Testimony in Relation to the Spanish-American War, 1898-1899
Proceedings of the Bar of St. Louis: In Memoriam--Samuel T. Glover: To Which Are Added the Addresses Delivered at the Funeral.
The Protection of Checks.
Criticism Criticised: Intended as a Supplement to the Law Reporter for January, 1859.
A Memorial of Stephen Nye Gifford: Clerk of the Massachusetts Senate from January 6, 1858 to April 18, 1886.
Report of the Commission on Tax Exemptions Under Authority of Chapter 340 of the Special Laws of 1923 of the General Assembly.
Catalogue of the Hammond Historical Law Collection, in the Law Library of the State University of Iowa / Compiled by Frank H. Noble.
Report of the Committee on Marriage and Divorce: With First Tentative Drafts of Acts on the Subjects of Marriages and Licenses to Marry, and Relating to Family Desertion and Non-Support.
Clever Clarence, and Other Funny Stories and Pictures. [in Verse.]
A Satyrick Poem Against Those Mercenary Wretches ... the Authors of Heraclitus and Observator [i.E. T. Flatman and Sir R. l'Estrange] ... by Philopatris.
The Actress's Ways and Means to Industriously Raise the Wind! Containing the Moral and Entertaining Poetical Effusions of Mrs. R. Beverley.
Royalty Fog-Bound; Or, the Perils of a Night and the Frolics of a Fortnight. a Poem, by Peter Pindar, Esq. [on the Visit of the Prince Regent to Belvoir Castle.] Third Edition.
The Sea-Piece: A Poetical Narration of a Voyage from Europe to America. Canto II. [by J. Kirkpatrick.]
Rhymes; Written for His Family, Etc.
True Patriotism! a Poem of the Nineteenth Century.
Official Report (Jan. 16, 1849) to the American Congress, on the Communications Between the Atlantic and Pacific. (Reprinted from the Colonial Magazine.).
Waves: A Novel by Dave Bricker
Directions for Making the Passage from England to Hongkong, Through Sunda Strait. Compiled from Various Authorities.
The Changed Cross, and Other Religious Poems. [by Lucy P. Wright, Afterwards Hobart-Hampden.] New and Enlarged Edition.
Infidelity Confuted on Its Own Grounds. ... Third Edition.
Broadsides Containing Verses, Etc., Printed at Helston.
The Cock of the Walk; Or, a True ... Account of Certain Passages in the Life of the Knight of the Seven-Leagued Boots ... Edited by Simon Pure. [in Verse.]
The Vow; A Comic Opera in Two Acts [in Prose, with Songs].
The Man in the Moon, Andc. Andc. Andc. ... Twenty-Second Edition.
Notes on the Navigation of the River Nurbudda.
The Distribution and Density of the Old British Population of Hampshire. Reprinted from the Journal of the Anthropological Institute, May, 1889.).
York Minster. Ward and Lock's Illustrated Historical Handbook to York Minster, Etc.
Original Poems and Translations.
The Poems and Songs of W. H. ... with Illustrative Notes, and an Account of the Life of the Author, by James Paterson. [With a Portrait.]
Sir Walter Ralegh: A Tragedy. Illustrated by N. C. Bishop-Culpeper.
The Unforgotten Prayer
Loved and Lost! the True Story of a Short Life. Told in Gossip Verse and Illustrated by L. A. Meredith.
The Edinburgh Municipal and Police ACT, 1879: With Incorporated Clauses and Analytical Index / By William Skinner and Alexander Harris.
America's Silent Killer: Self-Help Sexual Knowledge
Rare Eric: Basketball Fundamentals With A Twist
Peer Power: Transforming Workplace Relationships
Blowing Out the Candle
Murder Board Paper: For All-Purpose Problem Solvers, Business Strategists, Crime Busters, and Mystery Writers
The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898 Vol. X
The Philippine Islands 1493-1898 Vol. XVII
From Japan to Granada: Sketches of Observation and Inquiry in a Tour Round the World in 1887-8
Paul Knox, Pitman.
Won, But Lost! Or, the Mine Sprung at the Wizard's Point. [a Novel.]
Optimal Levels!: Philosophy Flavor Book 1
Soviet Battleships 1933-1957 an Illustrated Technical Reference
Our Street. [A Novel.]
Reading Native American Literature
The Giants' Causeway; A Poem.
Reminiscences and Notices of Fourteen Parishes of the County of Haddington.
Female Conduct ... the Third Edition.
The History of Australian Exploration
The Poetical Works of the Late Thomas Little ... Eighth Edition. Few Ms. Notes.
Ethelinda; Or, a Philanthropic Fad. an Entirely New and Original Comedy Opera in an Introductory Scene and Three Acts.
The Archaeology of Mendip: 500,000 years of change and continuity
The Ballad of Lizzie Lindsay, Written from Memory by G. Mitchell ... 1891. [with Prefatory Note by W. W.]
Ballads of Greater Britain and Songs of an Anglo-Saxon.
The Last Will and Testament, an Original Poem, Etc.
Two May Days, a New and Original Drama, in Two Acts and in Prose. Founded Upon the Author's Novel of Bitter Sweets, Etc.
Hugo's Cordial Drops for the Country. 1828. Prepared by ...... State-Chemist.
Songs, Duets, Etc. in the New Melo-Dramatic Entertainment Called Twenty Years Ago [by J. Pocock], Etc.
Journal of a Voyage from Bombay to Calcutta. [an Extract from the Bengal Hurkaru.]
The Long Journey Continues
On the Origin of the Species Homo Touristicus: The Evolution of Travel from Greek Spas to Space Tourism
Anthology of One: Collected Poems 1990 - 2007
From These Ashes Part III: Through Wisdom is a House Built...Proverbs 24:3
First World Flight: The Odyssey of Billy Mitchell
Salmacida Spolia. a Masque. Presented by the King and Queenes Majesties, at White-Hall, on Tuesday the 21. Day of Ianuary 1639. [In Verse.]
Holiday Guide to Walton-On-Naze, Clacton-On-Sea, Harwich, Dovercourt.
The Christmas Ordinary, a Private Show; Wherein Is Expressed the Jovial Freedom of That Festival. ... by W. R., Master of Arts.
The Last of the Ramshackles. a Comedy in Three Acts. [with Ms. Corrections by the Author.]
Protestant Nonconformity and the Papacy. a Lecture, Etc.
Imperium Pelagi. a Naval Lyrick: Written in Imitation of Pindar's Spirit. Occasion'd by His Majesty's Return, Sept. 1729. and the Succeeding Peace. [By Edward Young.]
Knowledge Matters: The Public Mission of the Research University
Dirge on the ... Duke of Wellington [by R. G. Pote]. F.P.
Memoir of a Mound and Monument. [the Duke of York's Mound and Monument.]
In Memory of John William Spencer, Earl Brownlow. [a Poem.]
Consecration, a Poem in Two Parts, on the Opening and Consecration of a Chapel in the Parish of S. in Kent, June 12th 1807.
The Devil of a Wife; Or, a Comical Transformation. [A Farce in Three Acts and in Prose.]
Day Dreams ... with Twenty Illustrations ... by H. Warren.
The German Tourist, Edited by ... O. L. B. W. and ... H. D., Translated by H. E. Lloyd; ... with ... Engravings from Drawings, by A. G. Vickers.
The Impress of a Gentlewoman. [A Novel.]
Vienna 1922
My Daughter's Book, Containing a Selection of Approved Readings in Literature, Science, and Art, Adapted to the Formation of the Character of Woman. by the Editor of the Young Gentleman's Book.
The Sherlock Holmes Companion: An Elementary Guide
Scandal: Unclaimed Love-Child
On Your Mark: Reading Scripture Without a Teacher
Churchmouse Tales
Laura Sonnets: Baritone Voice and Piano
Life Blood
Poems for the Soul
A Family Shattered
The Klondike: Or, the Experience of a Winter in the Klondike. a Play.
Plenipo and the Devil! Or, the Upshot of the Plot. an Infernal Poem [being a Satire Upon King George. IV.]. by the Author of the House That Jack Built [i.E. William Hone].
A Memorial of Charles Henry Bell, Exeter, N.H.
A Poetical Epistle to a Falling Minister [i.E. William Pitt]; Also an Imitation of the Twelfth Ode of Horace. a New Edition.
Sky and Sea; Reflections [in Verse] While Rambling on the Shores of Devon.
The Slave Trade, and Other Poems.
Peak Expiratory Flow Rate Among School Going Children
The Merry-Go-Round. Musical Comedy ... Lyrics by A. Hopwood, Etc.
Market Linkages and Price Transmission in Sudan
Democracy Promotion in the Middle East
Wearable Kinaesthetic Systems for Capturing Body Posture and Gesture
Association of Nematodes with Date-Palm in Balochistan
Globalization of Management Education: Changing International Structures, Adaptive Strategies, and the Impact on Institutions
Clinical Handbook of Schizophrenia
An Introduction to Solar System to Drive Base Transceiver System
Motion Studies
The Temptation of Love
For Certain Values of Family
Paul Revere's Ride: For Amplified Soprano Solo, SATB Chorus, and Orchestra Piano/Vocal Score
Compact Bible-Ntv
Women of the Passion
Race the Night: Revised Edition
Time and Money: The Economy and the Planets (second Edition)
Jonah. the Seatonian Prize Poem for the Year 1815.
The Riddle. a Pleasant Pastoral Comedy Adapted from the Wife of Bath's Tale as It Is Set Forth in the Works of Master Geoffrey Chaucer. Presented at Otterspool on Midsummers Eve, 1895.
Sonnet on Freedom, and Twelve Other Poems.
The Brewing of Beer: Malting
Business Aspects of Poultry Keeping - A Collection of Articles on Accounts, Records, Marketing and Start-Up Considerations
Starting a Poultry Business - A Collection of Articles on the Methods and Equipment of the Poultry Keeper
The Brewing of Beer: Mashing and Sparging
Love Script: Deluxe Edition
Swine - Their History, Management, and Characteristics of the Various Breeds - Containing Extracts from Livestock for the Farmer and Stock Owner
The Scottish Ale Brewing System - Two Articles
The Brewing of Beer: Boiling - Selected Articles
The Selection and Breeding of Poultry for Egg Production - A Collection of Articles on the Methods of the Professional and Amateur Poultry Keeper
Rabbit Feeding on the Farm - A Collection of Articles on Rations, Types of Food and Methods of Feeding Rabbits
Table Poultry Production- A Collection of Articles on Feeding, Rearing, Housing and Other Aspects of Poultry Keeping
The Growth and Development of the Turkana People of Kenya, East Africa
The Origin of Poultry Breeds - A Collection of Articles on the Origins of Chickens, Ducks, Geese and Turkeys
Breeds of Fowl - A Collection of Articles on Leghorns, Bantams, the Cochin and Many Other Breeds
Hints on the Management of Rabbits - A Collection of Articles on Handling, Taming, Nursing and Other Aspects of Rabbit Management
Poultry - History, Management, and Characteristics of the Various Breeds - Containing Extracts from Livestock for the Farmer and Stock Owner
Grape Culture in California
Poultry Culling - A Collection of Articles on the Methods, Equipment and Selection of the Poultry Keeper
An Article on the Cultivation of the Vine Upon Trellises in Northern and Central France, According to the New Methods in Use at Thomery
An Article on Brewing Waters
The Cross and the Crescent; Or a Sketch from English History in the Eleventh Century. a Poem.
An Ode, Sacred to the Memory of ... George, Lord Lyttelton.
Pride and Ignorance, a Poem.
An Ode Addressed to the Savoir Vivre Club, Etc. [by R. Fenton.]
Saint Peter's Denial of Christ: A Seatonian Prize Poem.
Breeds of Horses and Their Characteristics - Containing Extracts from Livestock for the Farmer and Stock Owner
Selection of Poultry - A Collection of Articles on Identification, Health and Other Aspects of Poultry Selection
An Essay on the History of Alcohol in England, Scotland and Ireland
Fattening Poultry - A Collection of Articles on the Methods and Equipment of the Poultry Keeper
Breeds of Milk Goats - With Information on Nubian, Murciene, Toggenburg and Other Goat Breeds
Beverage Wines or Wines Served During Meals
A Selection of Articles About Porter
Goat Breeding - A Collection of Articles on Mating, Kidding, the Buck and Other Aspects of Goat Breeding
State Minimum Wage Laws in Practice.
The War Revenue Act of 1917: Including the War Income Tax and the War Excess Profits Tax, and the Federal Income Tax Law of 1916 as Amended 1917 ....
Oh No, Not The Shot!
The Adventures of Zingway, the Monster
Practice of Chinese Swordplay
Tax Policies on Tobacco Products in Thailand: The Way Forward
A New Missionary Era
Crown of Thorns
Mi Libro del Bautismo - My Baptism Book
The R-L Fowls, or the Old Black Cock's Attempt to Crow Over His Illustrious Mate. a Poem [against George IV.] by the Author of the R-L Brood. Third Edition. Ms. Notes.
The Triumph of Truth; A Sacred Oratorio, Selected from the Works of ... Handel, Purcel, Dr. Arne, Correlli, Iomelli, Sacchini, and Haydn. by S. Arnold, Etc.
The Lilly Dale Songster.
The New Barmaid, Musical Vaudeville, Etc.
Developing a Plan for the Planet: A Business Plan for Sustainable Living
A Circular Letter from the Independent Ministers of the Eastern Association in the County of York, ... Addressed to Their Churches, ... on the Best Means of Promoting Personal Religion.
Corrections: Foundations for the Future
Practical Methods for Legal Investigations: Concepts and Protocols in Civil and Criminal Cases
How to Grow Vines - A Manual of Climbing Plants
The Cultivation of Hops in England, Europe, America, Australasia and India.
Little Black Book Of Urology
Business Insights: China: Practical Advice on Operational Strategy and Risk Management
Following the Gospel Through the Year: Reflections on the Gospels for Sunday's and Holy Days, Years A, B, and C
The Professionals' Guide to Publishing: A Practical Introduction to Working in the Publishing Industry
Living in My House Isn't Always Easy
Adventures of Bunting, the Turtle
Adventures in the Land of Make Believe
College Aid for Middle Class America
Death in the Tarpit
Rules in School: Teaching Discipline in the Responsive Classroom
Secrets Never Shared
Pictorial Review
Deutsch: Na klar! An Introductory German Course (Student Edition)
National Conference on Practical Reform of Primary Elections: Held at the Rooms of the New York Board of Trade and Transportation ... New York City, Thursday and Friday, January 20 and 21, 1898.
H. G. Wells: Tales of the Weird and Supernatural
Hunter: Terror on the Bayou
Please Daddy Don't
Hunter: Nightmare in New Orleans
Overland Through Asia. (Illustrated Edition)
The Laziest Man in the World
Bride Price
Recipes for Making Summer and Winter Drinks, with a Chapter on Drinks for Ill Health
Determinants of Public Attitudes Toward the Police
Fractal Matrix Tables as a Tool for Ontologies Creation
Pyroelectric Energy Harvesting
Newkeynesian Models for Monetary Policy Analysis Under Sticky Prices
Deeds: Conveying Property to the Trustees and Declaration of Trust.
Manual for Use in Cases of Juvenile Offenders and Other Minors in Massachusetts
Gelebte Geschichte - Eine Jugend in Deutschland 1940-1961
Parallel Lives
Travels in England, France, Spain and the Barbary States ... 1813-15.
Chinese Medical Cooperation in Africa
77 Questions Selected from Recent Bar Examinations.
Monody to the Memory of ... C. Nisbet. [by Charles Keith.]
Lady Monson; A Matrimonial Legend of Bury St. Edmunds. [in Verse.]
The Corsican Hydra, or the Terror of the Bourbons. a Pindaric Poem.
The Murphiad. a Mock Heroic Poem. [an Attack on Arthur Murphy, the Dramatist.]
The Complaint and Petition of the Inhabitants of Wayland, Sudbury, Concord, Bedford and Carlisle
An Essay on the History of Alcohol in Europe
Diseases and Insect Pests of the Grapevine - Selected Articles
Rearing Chickens - A Collection of Articles on the Methods and Equipment of the Poultry Keeper
Poultry Parasites - A Collection of Articles on Ticks, Lice, Fleas, Tapeworm and Other Parasites of Poultry
Different Varieties of Grapevine - Two Articles
Vine Management - Care, Cultivation and Training During the First Two Years - Selected Articles
Albert Schweitzer's Legacy for Education: Reverence for Life
Identifying, Assessing, and Treating Self-Injury at School
Factor Separation in the Atmosphere: Applications and Future Prospects
The Debauchee: Or, the Credulous Cuckold, a Comedy, Etc. [adapted by Aphra Behn from Richard Brome's Mad Couple Well Matched.]
Grandma's Sunshine
The Music of the Poets. a Musician's Birthday Book. Edited by E. d'Esterre-Keeling.
SQLite 3 - Einstieg in Die Datenbankwelt
Bury-Fair. a Comedy, Etc. [in Five Acts and in Prose.]
Memorials of Carlisle.
The Wild Enthusiast, and Other Poems.
The Advantages of Repentance. a Moral Tale, Attempted in Blank Verse; And Founded on the Anecdotes of a Private Family in *********shire.
Poems to the Memory of That Imcomparable Poet Edmund Waller Esquire ... by Several Hands.
Make Change Your Family Business Tradition
The Luckless Black. [verses.] by Hippopolis. with Four Illustrations by W. H. O. [i.E. William H. Overend].
The Family Constitution: Agreements to Secure and Perpetuate Your Family and Your Business
I Know You By Heart: A Love Story
Devotional Exercises for Fourteen Days, Etc.
Christian Theocracy and the Dynamics of Modern Government. a Dialogue for the Times. [in Verse.]
An Epistle to William Hogarth.
Proceedings in Memoriam of Judge R.C.L. Moncure and Judge Robt. Ould
Hatching Chickens - A Collection of Articles on the Methods and Equipment of the Poultry Keeper
Vineyard Soil - Selected Articles
Chicken Brooding - A Collection of Articles on the Methods and Equipment of the Poultry Keeper
The Products of Rabbit Farming - A Collection of Articles on Meat, Fur and Skins from the Rabbit Farm
Two Articles on the Thomery System of Grapevine Training
The Comedies, Histories, And Tragedies Of Mr. William Shakespeare. As Presented At The Globe And Blackfriars Theatres, Circa 1591 - 1623
Family Business Governance: Maximizing Family and Business Potential
Rabbits for Show - A Collection of Articles on Various Aspects of Exhibition Rabbits
Egg Production - A Collection of Articles on the Methods and Equipment of the Poultry Keeper
A Guide to Housing Rabbits - A Collection of Articles on the Construction and Layout of Rabbit Houses and Hutches
The Science of Analysis Needed in the Brewing Process
Introduction To The Theory Of The Early Universe: Cosmological Perturbations And Inflationary Theory
A Beginners Guide to Keeping Rabbits - A Collection of Articles on Selection, Breeding, Housing, Feeding and Other Aspects of Rabbit Keeping
The English Ale Brewing System - Two Articles
Resistant Vineyeards - Grafting, Planting, and Cultivation
Resistant Vines; Their Selection, Adaptation, and Grafting
The Brewing of Beer: Boiling and Cooling
The Brewing of Beer: Mashing
The Storage and Racking of Beer - Selected Articles
Manure as Used in the Growing of Grapevines
A Selection of Articles About Brewing Water
The Critical Reception of Edward Said's Orientalism in the Arab World
Polylactic Acid Microsphere
A Man-Servant, an Original Tragic Drama.
Of False-Fame. an Epistle to the Earl of Pembroke. [in Verse.]
The Scottish Ale Brewing System
Ode for the Twentieth of June, 1887. [by F. T. Palgrave.]
The Substance of the Corporation Reform Act; Relating to the Rights of the Freemen and Citizens, and the Election Powers and Duties of the Municipal Officers of the City of York.
Songs, Glees, Trios, Etc. Etc., in the Operatick Piece Called the Heir of Vironi, of Honesty the Best Policy, Etc.
Letter to the Rev. T. Watson: Occasioned by His Pamphlet, Entitled, Evangelical Principles Exemplified..
Whig Taxation. a Satire [in Verse]. ... by the Honble. ****, Author of the Palace Martyr, Etc.
Remorse. a Drama, in Three Acts.
Sermon on the Death of the Late Rev. J. Boden, Etc. (Appendix. History of J. Boden.).
The Cloud King with His Cloud Castle. an Opera. [by Lavinia Jones. in Verse.]
Spiritual Junk Food: Poetic Takeout
The Wind Stone: Book Three of the Reign of the Elements
The Keeper of Color
Affair Repair
Secrets of the Crows Nest: Book 2 the New Light Series
Lady Justice Takes A C.R.A.P.: City Retiree Action Patrol
Come Boldly to the Throne: Child of the King
What to Charge: Pricing Strategies for Freelancers and Consultants
Family Planning and Development
Personalized Medicine
An Article on Pest Resistant Vines
Cubans and Puerto Ricans: Stereotypes Within Hispanic Subgroups
An Article About Wine Making
Virginia Tax Payers 1782 - 1787; Other Than Those Published by the United States Census Bureau
Dedicatory Exercises at the New Court House, Lowell, Mass., September 12, MDCCCXCVIII
Cases on Constitutional Law: For the Use of the Class in Constitutional Law at the Harvard Law School, 1892-3.
The History of Wines in America
Sherlock Holmes and the Hilldrop Crescent Mystery
Wagadu Volume 7: Today's Global Flaneuse
The Princess and the Dolphin
Redes de Comunicaciones. de la Telefon A M Bil a Internet
Let's Help Little Polka Dot Find His Way Home
Redes, Sistemas y Servicios de Comunicaci N. Ex Menes Resueltos
Mol Cules En Acci . del Big Bang ALS Materials del Futur
Ideal Commonwealths, Plutarch's Lycurgus, More's Utopia, Bacon's New Atlantis, Campanella's City of the Sun, Hall's Mundus Alter Et Idem
One Island
What's in Your Head? the 7 Secrets of Retail Business Success
Determinants of Rural Household Micro-Credit Utilization and Repayment
Pulsating Spectral Element Methods for Hyperbolic Problems
Stable and Unstable Debt Dynamics
Situation of Primary Education in Tea Garden
HIV Voluntary Testing Uptake Determinants
Energy Management in Hybrid Electric Vehicles Using Co-Simulation
Spiritual Disciplines of a C.H.R.I.S.T.I.A.N.
The Strife of the Roses and Days of the Tudors in the West (Illustrated Edition)
Study in Pavilions and Safe Rooms
L'Affaire Flamenco
Stories of Animal Sagacity (Illustrated Edition)
The Improper Princess: A Fairy Tale for Grown-Ups
Why Doesn't Daddy Feel So Well?
Tears of a Rose
Mar a Zambrano: Palabras Para El Mundo
Life on the Pipe
Tras Las Huellas de Tu Paso
Miss Cayley's Adventures
Where There's a Quill
Report on the National Bank Currency ACT: Its Defects and Its Effects.
The Mechanisms of Hyperoxia-Induced Hyperreactivity of Lung Parenchyma
Triumphs of Justice Over Unjust Judges: Exhibiting ...
Meaning of the Term Martial Law as Used in the Petition of Right and the Preamble to the Mutiny ACT
Localizing Democracy in Albania
The Cook's Oracle; And Housekeeper's Manual (Illustrated Edition)
The Man Who Rose Again
The New Conspiracy Against the Jesuits
Camp-Fire and Cotton-Field: Southern Adventure (Illustrated Edition)
An Historical Relation of the Island Ceylon, in the East-Indies (Illustrated Edition)
Dig It: Life Will Beat You If You Let It-Don't Let It
The Problem of Harm in World Politics: Theoretical Investigations
Finally, I Love You
With Anza to California, 1775-1776: The Journal of Pedro Font, O.F.M.
Answer the Prayer of Jesus: A Call for Biblical Unity
The Business You Can Start: Spotting the Greatest Opportunities in the Economic Downturn
Before They Were Heroes at King's Mountain - North Carolina Edition
Endless Chain 2011 Ad
All in Against the IRS: Every Gambler's Tax Guide
The Freshman Fifteen: And a Whole Lot of Other Stuff They Didn't Plan for
Authorities, Deductions and Notes in Corporations.
Primary Sources, Historical Collections: The Political Ideas of Modern Japan, with a Foreword by T. S. Wentworth
Primary Sources, Historical Collections: Pioneering on Tibet: A Personal Record of Life and Experience in Mission Fields, with a Foreword by T. S. Wentworth
Primary Sources, Historical Collections: The Japanese Expedition to Formosa, with a Foreword by T. S. Wentworth
Primary Sources, Historical Collections: The Armenian Origin of the Etruscans, with a Foreword by T. S. Wentworth
Report on the Miners' Strike in Bituminous Coal Field in Westmoreland County, Pa., in 1910-11.
Primary Sources, Historical Collections: Hinduism in Europe and America, with a Foreword by T. S. Wentworth
Primary Sources, Historical Collections: History of the Armenians in India from the Earliest Times to the Present Day, with a Foreword by T. S. Wentworth
Handbook of Police Psychology
Reveries in Confinement: A Poem, Etc.
The Loyal Man in the Moon, Etc. (Third Edition.)
Rules, Etc.
G. W.'s Metrical Life of G. Gascoigne, the Poet. (a Remembraunce of the Wel Imployed Life, and Godly End of George Gaskoigne, Etc.).
For Marjory's Sake: A Story of South Australian Country Life.
Mystery of the Walls
The Minister's Weakness, and the Saviour's Strength. a Sermon, Etc.
I Know Life's Not Supposed to Be Fair
Primary Sources, Historical Collections: Ancestorworship and Japanese Law, with a Foreword by T. S. Wentworth
The Sorrows of Rosalie. a Tale. with Other Poems. [By the Hon. Caroline E. S. Norton.]
Primary Sources, Historical Collections: The Essence of Buddhism, with a Foreword by T. S. Wentworth
The Year, a Poem.
How I Filmed the Great War: The Memoir of One of History's First Combat Cinematographers
Two Mock Epics. Hanuman, by Svatopluk Czech-Translated from the 17th Edition; And, Tantum Religio, Or, Sir Blasius, by W. W. Strickland.
The Trusted Preacher
This is My Doggie Life
The Politics of Betrayal: Diary of a Kenyan Legislator
2012 Economic Depression: Tips on Weathering the Storm
An Unlessoned Girl. [A Novel.] Vol. I
Primary Sources, Historical Collections: Burmah and the Burmese, with a Foreword by T. S. Wentworth
Let The Seed Fall: Growing from a Seed to a Tree by God's Power
Told Out of Court: Personal Experiences of Members of the Chicago Bench and Bar.
Primary Sources, Historical Collections: The Megalithic Culture of Indonesia, with a Foreword by T. S. Wentworth
Primary Sources, Historical Collections: Philippine Folk-Tales, with a Foreword by T. S. Wentworth
The Statutes Relating to the War Office and to the Army / Selected and Arranged by Charles M. Clode.
Kreuzfahrt in Die Karibik
Primary Sources, Historical Collections: A Hand-List of the Japanese Birds, with a Foreword by T. S. Wentworth
A Descriptive and Historical Account of the Monuments and Tombstones in the Church of St. Nicholas, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Compiled by R. W., ... and Illustrated, Etc.
Gleanings in Exodus
THE SHERWOOD MYSTERIES Featuring the: Shadow in the Bell Tower
A Need to Know: The Role of Air Force Reconnaissance in War Planning, 1945-1953
Center Point: Memories of a Family
String of Pearls
A Discourse on Stewardship
Government Opportunities for Small Business: Apply for a Grant/ Become a Government Vendor
Alcune Questioni Di Analisi Numerica: Lectures Given at a Summer School of the Centro Internazionale Matematico Estivo (C.I.M.E.) Held in Perugia, |Taly, September 7-16, 1964
Wallace; A Fragment. [in Verse. by R. P. Gillies.]
The Child of Nature; A Poem. by Ephraim Smooth.
Sylvia's Revenge, Or; A Satyr Against Man [by Richard Ames]; In Answer to the Satyr Against Woman [by Robert Gould].
The Appartion [sic]. a Poem. [by Abel Evans. a Satire on Matthew Tindal's the Rights of the Christian Church Asserted.]
Galileo's Dream. by the Author of Job, or the Gospel Preached to the Patriarchs [i.E. Mrs. Walter Birch], Etc.
Northern Triumphs and Iberian Victories; Or Gallic Pride Humbled. a Poem.
Elegiac Stanzas, Inscribed to the Memory of Mary Ann, the Deceased Wife of R. Bacon.
The Great Unbled. an Allegorical Tale, by Dr. Sangrado. with Illustrations by R. Seymour.
Hymen us: A Drama. in Two Acts. by W. M. C. [in Verse.]
The Retort Courteous [to Strictures by Thomas Hamilton in Blackwood's Magazine on the Author's Poem Dunluce Castle. by E. Quillinan. in Verse].
The Real Constitutional House That Jack Built ... Eighth Edition. [a Satire in Verse.]
The Arctic Expeditions. a Poem.
Fancies! in Passing. [poems.]
Ode on the Death of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington.
One Full Cycle
The Death of Absalom. a Seatonian Prize Poem.
To Generate the Free Brain
The History of Alcohol and Wine in Africa and Asia - Two Studies
Psychosocial Experience of Double Orphaned Children from HIV/AIDS
The History of the Catholic Church in Latin America: From Conquest to Revolution and Beyond
The Book of Daniel Unsealed: Prophecy: Past, Present and Future (the Hidden Secrets in the Book of Daniel)
The History of Alcohol in the Americas and Australasia - New Zealand, New South Wales, Cape of Good Hope, West India Islands, Demerara, Mexico and Peru, the Floridas, the USA, the Indian Tribes
A Quote For Every Day
The Unforgettable Memoirs: Simplified Chinese
The Determination of I
Constitution and Laws of Maryland in Liberia: With an Appendix of Precedents.
Sir Henry Maine as a Jurist
Computational Approach to Riemann Surfaces
A Prophetical Love-Song by One of the Sons of Zion in His Travel Towards the Holy Land Through the Wilderness, Etc.
Love Above-Board; Or, an Heroic Epistle from Sancta Carolina to Sancto Bartolomeo. [a Satire on Queen Caroline, Consort of George IV. in Verse.]
Jephthah, a Poem. Second Edition.
The Demi-Rep. [a Satire, in Verse.] by Author of the Meretriciad [i.E. Edward Thompson]. the Second Edition.
The Prince and the People. a Poem.
Hindu Medicine and Medical Education ... Reprinted from the Calcutta Review.
The Changeling; A Poem, in Two Cantos: Addressed to a Laureat. [an Attack on Robert Southey.]
The Children of Sparta. [a Play, in Verse.]
Bittersweet House
Walford State of Mind: Eastenders as Reported by the Walford Gazette
Primary Sources, Historical Collections: The Chinese System of Public Education, with a Foreword by T. S. Wentworth
Primary Sources, Historical Collections: The Diary of a Japanese Convert, with a Foreword by T. S. Wentworth
The Case for the Factory Acts.
Minutes of the Court of Rensselaerswyck, 1648-1652.
Primary Sources, Historical Collections: Prendergast's Mastery System, Adapted to the Study of Japanese or English, with a Foreword by T. S. Wentworth
Primary Sources, Historical Collections: A Grammar of the Japanese Spoken Language, with a Foreword by T. S. Wentworth
Additions and Corrections to Dock Book 1886, to 31st December, 1888.
The White Book of the Muses. [Short Poems Addressed to Various Writers of Verse.]

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